What's new in AutoCAD 2022

There are 7 new features in AutoCAD 2022,

In a nutshell:

1. A new design for the Start Screen

2. Share Link with “View only” or “Edit & Save a copy”

3. The “Trace” feature

4. An intelligent & Dynamic “Count” utility

5. Floating Drawing Windows (Can see drawing in the 2nd Monitor)

6. Publish to Autodesk docs

7. Performance Improvements

Course Structure

The AutoCAD 2022 courses are available in:

1. Basic

2. Intermediate

3. Advance

4. Customized

Who uses AutoCAD and why is it important?

AutoCAD is a computer-aided software program created by Autodesk that enables drafters, architects, engineers, and other experienced professionals to create two dimensional and three-dimensional models of solid surfaces and meshes.